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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Michael Martin Murphey

On Thursday night I had the priviledge of meeting America's #1 Cowboy singer, songwriter, and poet Michael Martin Murphey. As many of you know Michael Martin Murphey is the new Host for "The Best of the West" TV show where I am a Field Host. He was performing a concert in Heber City, UT for the Heber City Annual Cowboy Poetry and Buckaroo festival. We videoed the concert for some outtakes for the TV show and got to visit with him. He put on a great concert and is extremely excited about the new season and his partnership with "The Best of the West."

I am excited to spend more time with him and hopefully really get to know him. I hope that next hunting season will find us sitting around the campfire picking on guitars and telling stories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Congrats on getting the show with MMM. You'll have to inform him of our travels around Taos, NM on the senior trip and the ambulance ride from Red River to Taos, hitting a sandbar in Eagle's Nest, and throwing away my prize trout!

See you in August,

Mike Salazar, TN

8:03 AM  

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