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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Show season winds down

I am relieved to report the show season is winding down. I have just finished meeting and greeting sponsors, potential advertisers, and other industy personalities at a variety of outdoor industry shows, including SHOT, ATA, and SCI.

At the SCI (Safari Club International) I had the pleasure of being joined by Michael Martin Murphey were we videoed some openers for the new TV show and toured the SCI show speaking with his fans and meeting people.

One person in particular who we had the pleasure of meeting was James Noteman. James is a disabled hunter and won the SCI disable hunter award twice. He was a remarkable individual and embodied the spirit of optimism. Michael Martin Murphey sat down and interviewed him for the show and what a great segment it will make. Murph asked him what he thought his biggest difficulty in hunting with his disability was, and his response was priceless. "I think my biggest disbility is," James said tongue in cheek, "just hitting the target." Meeting James was a like finding a diamond in the rough and reminded me what my attitude toward life should be more like.

JUST A REMINDER: The new "The Best of the West" is on and you can catch the new episodes airing on Wednesday at 9:30 eastern time on MOR (Mens Outdoor and Recreation channel -Dish Network - channel 218 and Direct TV - channel 604 ), you wont want to miss an episode!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Jim is no diamond in the rough. He's a GEM to behold.

Not too biased here, just a FL relative.

Next time take him hunting while he is jumping out of a perfectly good that's a target he CAN hit.

2:09 PM  

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