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Friday, February 23, 2007


As an active outdoorsie (is that a real word??) guy and the winter here in Colorado being so harsh this year I have enjoyed keeping fit by playing indoor soccer. Tuesday night Feb 20th I "tweeked" my left knee playing in a game. Having had 2 ACL reconstructions on that very knee you could say I was "a bit" concerned. The knee was locked in a slightly bent position and I could neither bend or straighten it at all (very painful).

I was fortunate to get right in to see an orthapedic surgeon who promptly scheduled me for surgery (arthroscopic) on Thursday morning. Thank God everything went well and the surgery was a quick 22 minutes where the doc fixed the meniscus and told me my ACL was still OK !!

YEEEEHAAAWWW!! I can start getting ready for outdoor soccer which starts in the middle of March.

Well for now I have to lay around with my leg in the air for 3-4 days to keep the swelling down. My wife has been awesome and even built me a little "fort" with a gate and all where I can keep working and my leg elevated. Avery my 16month old daughter thinks it is pretty cool to try and "break" into my fort and bounce on my lap. I will keep you all posted on my progress, as I start some physical rehab next week.


Anonymous Jerod Fink said...


Jerod here. I had my knee scoped once too. Recovery time was real quick, around two weeks. But I was only 17 at the time, probably wouldn't be so quick anymore! Not sure of the extent of your surgery but I had 85% of the cartilage removed from my left knee (also hurt it playing some summer soccer).

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