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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Rivers West Label

There are many times in life where the busyness and all the noise of the day to day block or cover up the significant events that happen to us as we seek to meet and surpass our goals. It is only until you get past and look back does it dawn on you how special that event was and perhaps still is. This happened to me earlier this week.......

As some of you know Rivers West is one of my sponsors and they have the BEST all-weather gear for hard core outdoorsman. They just sent me some new product for 08 and I was blown away to see that they used my picture from my 2006 Colorado elk hunt on the tag for their Stalker ATP pants (see attached photo - I have also included the original picture).

Some would say "big deal!" to that, but to me it is important because they also use hardcore hunter and outdoor personality Cameron Hanes ( on another one of their tags. This means a lot to me NOT because I feel this puts me on an equal level with a guy like Cam, but honored because he is a friend and honestly one of my mentors in the outdoor industry. Cam really has taught me a ton about bowhunting in general and it is an inspiration to see where he started from and how hard he has worked to get to where he is now in the tough competitive world of the hunting industy.

I am humbled by this and hope that I too can be a similar example to others young and old and also model how one can passionately enjoy chasing (as Uncle Ted puts it) "the spirit of Fred Bear" in the backcountry successfully.


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