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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wilderness Athlete Backcountry Nevada Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Just returned from an awesome NV archery Mule deer hunt with some good friends and fellow backcountry wilderness athletes Dave Beronio, Bill Pemberton, and my cameraman Jeremy Winters. Although we did not kill any big bucks we did have some ample opportunity and saw a ton of quality velvet wrapped horns! As always our Wilderness Athlete products supplemented our daily needs and helped us push it harder and higher! Here is what Dave Beronio had to say about his experience with WA (Wilderness Athlete) on this hardcore hunt.

"My hunting partner, Bill Pemberton, and I love to backcountry bow hunt and enjoy the challenge to go where most others will not. Recently we went on an archery deer hunt in Nevada. We spent 6 days in the mountains, 7 miles in. Camp was at 8500 feet and we hunted up to 10,000 feet. While preparing for the hunt I was turned on to the Wilderness Athlete Product line. I was impressed with the detailed pamphlet that I received. It proved to me that the products I was currently using couldnt compete with the Wilderness Athlete product line. Some of the products I used to take were on the comparative chart ....... the key word being used to. Reviewing this pamphlet made me realize that even though I was training hard I was still cutting myself short with my suppliments. Being new to the WA products I felt that this backcountry hunt would be a perfect test for us to use WA. Bill and I packed our bags with a per day quota: 3 bars, 2 Hydro2Max, 2 Alert, and 1 gel pack for a morning kick start. Our bladder bags were always filled with Hydro2MAx and Alert together making it easy to keep the suppliments in our system. Religiously we were keeping our bodies filled with these products. Our days started early and we hunted hard all day in very warm august weather. This can be very taxing on the body but we were still pounding the mountains. It wasnt until the drive home that we started really talking about what was happening. Bill is the ripe age of 40 and in great shape. What he had to say really hit home. After 6 days of hard hiking he would usually be completely spent. Burned up, legs sore, and exhausted is how it usually feels after a hunt like this. Not only was he none of these, but was ready and willing to hit it hard again. Bill was convinced that using the Wilderness Athlete products helped his energy throughout the trip. His legs still felt fresh and he never felt as though he couldnt stay hydrated. He was not the only one that felt this way. Until he said that, I never paid attention to how good I felt. I guess the saying "Out of Site Out of Mind" comes into play. I didnt hurt, I wasnt spent, and I wasnt lacking any energy. Since the hard hunt wasnt taxing on my body, I had no reason to think about it. We finally realized why we felt as good as we did. The Wilderness Athlere products did what they were supposed to do and perhaps even more. Hard evidence is difficult to dispute and since being turned on to WA, I am a new Wilderness Athlete myself. Thank you WA for helping me be the best I can be."

Here are some pics of the hunt, hopefully they will tell the story of our memorable backcountry hunt!


Blogger Collin said...

man its beautiful there!!! I want to go there soooo bad! Great testimony though. WA is the bomb!!

10:06 PM  

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