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Friday, February 13, 2009

Mountain lions in the high country of Colorado

I just returned from one of the most grueling yet rewarding hunts I have ever been on in my life!!! And I was just the cameraman and we didn't even kill anything! I accompanied my good friend and partner Adam Wells on his mountain lion hunt and with HD Camera in hand we were determined to capture the real action from start to finish by staying with the hounds the whole way. I have never seen a TV show where the hunter runs with the dogs the entire hunt, it was exhausting but very cool to see those dogs work the scent through some rugged terrain. Trailing conditions for the dogs were horrible but after 2 days and many miles in steep rough country we finally treed a great cat. Only one problem, it was a female! This cat had hunted in a huge circular pattern killing a mule deer doe (which was very fresh) and most likely had a den of kittens in the vicinity. Adam chose to let that cat live (and therefore her kittens too) and take his shot at the lion with a camera rather than his new Hoyt Alphamax. What a great hunt!!


Blogger RMEN said...

that's a chilling picture. Hope it was a super zoom lens you got there. -Erin

2:35 PM  
Blogger Lake Improvement Association said...

This is the most exciting video of a lion hunt on the web. Super show and super sportsmanship.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Trevon said...

Thanks it was a lot of hard work, but defintiely worth it!!

12:57 PM  

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