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Friday, December 21, 2007

Nebraska Whitetail

REDEMPTION - Well at least that is how this bowhunt in Nebraska felt like to me. I just returned from a whitetail archery hunt with my good friend Adam Wells in southwest Nebraska on Swanson Lake Ranch ( To say it was cold would be an understatement - it was downright FREEZING, but it was all worth it to take this nice Nebraska buck and get "redemption" from my earlier Kansas bowhunt where I got skunked.
It was the first morning and I had just settled into my stand when a couple of does and fawns came by and started milling aroung within 20 yards. Not 3 minutes later two smaller bucks came in lip curling and definitely looking for any second cycle does. Soon after they were followed by a nice 8 point (eastern count) buck who came by to check out the does. I finally decided to take the buck but was unable to draw for fear of getting busted by all the other deer. The does finally got spooked and with the comotion I drew. To my suprise the buck just watched the does run off and then turned broadside giving me a good shot.

It felt great to get my hands on this buck after getting blanked in Kansas, man this whitetail thing just might have something to it!! I think I am getting the FEVER.