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Monday, September 29, 2008

Antelope retribution

As most of you probably know Colorado Antelope season was unfruitful (the antelope kicked my butt) because of all the rain we received the night before season. I was fortunate to get some antelope retribution in Montana. Jim Brennan and Ryan Litwin (Rocket Ryan - PBR Barrelman) helped me decoy and video a great kill scene on a trophy antelope buck while hunting in the heat of the day in Montana. It was action packed footage and a great kill scene captured for Muzzy's Bad to the Bone Bowhunting TV show. I felt as if I got a little pay back from the "schoolin" the Colorado antelope gave me earlier in the season!

More Mt Goat Hunting Pics

The Fulfillment of a Dream

I am still a little blown away at the results, experiences and memories of my Colorado Mt. Goat hunt. To have been able to share it with my dad is even more special! I would love to be able to share all of this hunt with you first hand, but that is impossible, so the next best thing in my opinion would be to lay it out in a series of pictures that hopefully will set the tone and give you a glimpse of what it was like on this hunt.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Go Time!!

The time is finally here and bowhunting season is in full swing. I have already been on 2 hunts in Colorado and leave this weekend for my mountain goat hunt.

My first hunt was in SE CO with my buddy Jace Bauserman and we had a blast! Unfortunately it rained a ton and our plan was to hunt and video over waterholes in the normally dry and flat prairie country aroung La Junta, CO. It was not to be and although the conditions were hard and we didn't harvest an antelope on this trip my buddy Jace Bauserman and Marc Smith both arrowed bomber bucks later in the season. (see pics attached)

Next I headed to NW CO to hunt public land elk with my good friend Gil Ruybal and left the camera in the truck. We called in some great bulls but just wasn't able to get that perfect shot placement we wanted, but that is bowhunting! Regardless of the end result it was great to get into God's creation and remember what it is about this style of hunting that we love! (see pics of camp attached)

I now head into the high elevation of Colorado with my dad (he will be rolling camera for me) to hunt my dream animal - CO mountain goats and then on to Montana for elk. Check back soon for more updates and pics.