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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Colorado Archery Elk 2009

This last week I joined my good buddy and fellow Outback Outdoors Team Member Adam Wells in the high country of western Colorado archery hunting rutting bull elk (look for this exciting hunt in the months to come on in a future webisode. Although the bulls seemed to be rutting late, the 80 + degree heat didn't help, but we were still able to put two good Colorado bulls down on video in 3 1/2 days.

Special thanks to A.C. (who ran camera for us) and Jim Goff and family!!

Ontario Bear Hunt 2009

I was invited to join Durk Stark of Kicking Bear ( on an awesome black bear hunt in Ontario Canada with The Bear Camp. Durk ran camera for me and he was able to take a great bear that I initially passed on the first night. (The funny thing was we switched jobs as I became his cameraman and he shot a nice boar with a perfect kill shot - the biggest bear taken that week in camp) On the 4th night I finally arrowed a great bear with an awesome white V on his chest, and even though he was a little smaller than Durk's I was very pleased to have gotten two great kills on video for Outback Outdoors and Hardcore Hunting TV (You can watch the fall bear hunt unfold on Webisode 7).

We also had some amazing walleye fishing catching 300 walleyes in 3 hours between 4 guys. This was a hunt that was donated by The Bear Camp and auctioned off as a benefit for Kicking Bear and bought by La Crosse Archery in Lacrosse WI ( It was a great time and went to support a great cause!!

Bass Pro Big Game Hunting Weekend

I had a blast giving 2 seminars at the Bass Pro Shop in Denver Colorado on August 8th and 9th. The turnout was great and I had a ton of fun meeting and sharing stories with a ton of hardcore hunters from the Denver area.